Protecting You During Real Estate Transactions

Our founding attorney at the Law Office of Elizabeth M. Miller knows the excitement that accompanies a real estate purchase, and she also knows the stress that accompanies making such a large investment. Thanks to her understanding and experience in Illinois real estate law, you can enjoy the excitement without worrying about your deal taking a wrong turn.

How We Protect You

When you buy a home or another piece of property, you are entering into an agreement. Like any other legal agreement, a real estate purchase is something to carefully consider. At our law firm, we can provide that consideration on your behalf by reviewing your contract before you sign it to ensure the protection of your investment. Similarly, if you are selling a piece of real estate, we can prepare your documents, ensure your deed is clear and offer guidance before and during your closing.

Our Additional Real Estate Services

We not only represent and guide those buying or selling property in Will County and beyond, but we can also assist you with real estate contract negotiations. Attorney Miller has had extensive training in mediation, which allows her to guide negotiations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Additionally, Ms. Miller has experience in condominium law. If you are considering the purchase of a condo, you are selling a condo or townhouse, or you find yourself in a dispute with your condo association, you can turn to our lawyer for assistance.

Why Choose Our Firm For Your Real Estate Needs?

Our attorney spent 13 years as a paralegal before deciding to further her education by attending law school. Today, she has nearly 25 years of legal experience, much of it in real estate law. Regardless of your legal need, she has the experience to guide you toward a successful purchase or sale or to help you avoid litigation. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, you can call 815-782-3763 or email us to schedule an initial consultation at our law office in Joliet.